Peter L Shillingsburg

Personal History
Societies . . . Minutia


Born March 24, 1943, Colombia, S.A., U.S. Citizen.



Ph.D., English Literature, 1970, University of South Carolina.

            Dissertation:  The Text of Thackeray's Pendennis (a scholarly edition)

M.A.,  American Literature, 1967, University of South Carolina

            Thesis:  The Use of Sources in Simms's Biography of Francis Marion

B.A.,  Secondary Education, English, 1966, University of South Carolina



Professor of English, DeMontfort University, Leicester,  UK  2003

Professor of English, University of North Texas, 20002003

Visiting Professor, English, University of North Texas, 1999-2000

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, Lamar University 1997--1999;

William L. Giles Distinguished Professor, Mississippi State University, 1997;

Professor of English, Mississippi State University, 1979‑‑1997;

Associate Professor of English, Mississippi State University, 1973‑79;

Assistant Professor of English, Mississippi State University, 1970‑73;

Other appointments

Assistant Research Archivist, South Carolina Department of Archives, 1968‑69.

Honorary Visiting Prof., Australian Defence Force Academy, Univ. of New South Wales (ADFA), 1989;

Visiting Professor, Royal Military College, University of New South Wales, Australia, 1984;

Coordinator, Modern Language Association's Center for Scholarly Editions, MLA Headquarters, 1976‑77;

Visiting Fellow, Australian Defence Force Academy, July-Aug. 2002


Boydston Prize, 2001 (for best review of a scholarly edition, Assoc. for Doc. Editing)

Alumni Association Upper Level Teaching Award, 1996

Robert W. Harrison, Jr., Faculty Excellence Award, 1995

Phi Kappa Phi, Awards Banquet Speaker, 1993

Outstanding Honors Faculty Member, 1992

Burlington Northern Achievement Award for Teaching, 1991

Commencement Speaker, Australian Defence Force Academy, University of New South Wales, 1989

John Simon Guggenheim Fellow, January‑December 1982

Administrative Experience

         De Montfort University

                        Interim Director, Center for Technology and the Arts, 2005--
                         Head of Research, English, 2004--
                         Member, Faculty Research Committee, 2003--
                         Member, Higher Degrees Review Committee, 2003--

         University of North Texas

                        Chair, Institutional Review Board, 2000--03

                        Member, English Department Executive Committee, 2000-03

                        Member, Personnel Affairs Committee, 2000-03

                        Member, Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2000-03

Admin. Exper. cont.

            Lamar University:

                        Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, 1998--1999

                        Associate Director, Graduate Studies and Research, 1997--1998

             Modern Language Association, Committee on Scholarly Editions

                        Coordinator (NYC) 1976‑77; Consultant, 1977, 1997; Member, 1979‑81; 1985; 1992‑95

                        Chair, 1982‑84

            Mississippi State University, English Department:

                        Curriculum Committee 1970‑74, 1979‑83, 1990‑93

                        MA Examination Committee

                        Coordinator, MA Exam

                        Computer Use, Chairman, 1987‑88 ; Computer Writing Lab Subcommittee

                        Teaching Evaluation Committee 1990‑92

Chair, freshman writing contest.  I edited and produced the Winning Essays booklet

                                     annually for use in MSU composition classes, 1983‑1997.

            Mississippi State University:

                        Chair, student book‑collecting contest, 1982‑1986.

                        Tenure and Promotion Committee, 1988

                        Search Committee, Department of Philosophy Head, 1988

                        Arts and Sciences Priorities and Planning, 1991

                        Chair, College Governance Committee, 1992, 1994

                        Computer Advisory Committee 1991-93

                        University Library Committee member, 1991-92 ; Chairman, 1992-1996

                        Library Self‑Study, SACS accreditation, 1991

                        Internal Review, History Department, Chair, 1996

Professional Activities

            Methods of Literary Research Division, MLA,  Mem. 1982‑86, 1992-96; Chair 1985, 1995;

MLA Bibliography Discussion Group, MLA, 1983‑87

            Executive Committee, SCMLA, 1994-97; Section Chair, 1972, 1982, 1992, 1998

            Section Chair, SAMLA, 1988, 1996, 1998

            Session Chair, Society for Textual Scholarship, Computer Applications, 1991

            Session Chair, Association for Documentary Editing, Electronic Editions, 1996

            Nominated for election, Vice President, SCMLA,  1985 and 1992

            SGML, Text Encoding Initiative, Committee on Textual Criticism, 1991

            Occasional Referee for the journals Costerus, Proof, JEGP, TEXT, Victorian Institutes Journal, Style

            Editorial Board member

                        Costerus, 1973‑77; Review, 1979‑2000  ; Text (Society for Textual Scholarship), 1984‑ ;

                        Victorian Institutes Journal, 1991‑ 1999; Scholarly Edition, Works by Thomas Hardy, 1987‑1996

                        Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad, 1986‑ ; Australian Colonial Texts Series,

                         1989‑ 1995 ; Editorial Theory and Literary Criticism monograph series, U Mich. Press, 1991‑ ;

                        History of the Book monograph series, U. Penn Press, 1992‑ ; African American Research

                        Library (Du Bois Institute of Harvard and Collegium for African American Research), 1998-

            Book Review Editor, Text 1992‑2004

            Book Review Editor, Studies in the Novel 2000-2002

Book manuscript referee for U of Georgia P, the Modern Language Association, U of Penn. P,            

                        Penn State UP, U of Mich. P, Princeton U P, U Florida P

            Inspector for the Committee on Scholarly Editions for editions of Mark Twain, Thomas Carlyle, and

                         William James

Occasional referee on grant applications for the National Endowment for the Humanities, the John

Simon Guggenheim Foundation, the Canada Arts Council, the British Academy, Australian Research Council

            Boydston Prize Selection Committee, 1995, 2003; Chairman, 1997

            Society for History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing: Prize Committee, 1997

            South Central Modern Language Association, Book Prize Committee, 1999


NEH Research Division, Editing Grant, A Thackeray Edition Project, Sept. 1977‑ Aug. 1978; 

Renewed, 1978‑79;  Renewed, 1980‑83; Supplement 1987‑90; Supplement 1993-96.

Computer Assisted Scholarly Editing (CASE) Workshop, NEH grant, May 1984

CASE Workshop, Australian Defence Force Academy, August, 1986


Teaching Experience

General lower division courses, English and American literature surveys

            Honors Survey of English Literature II

            American Literature Survey I

            Honors Freshman Composition

Upper division:

            Victorian Poetry and Prose

            The Bible as Literature

 Graduate courses:

            Seminar in Dickens and Thackeray

            Seminar in Mid‑Victorian Literature

            Methods of Research and Bibliography (taught at UNT 1999 and 2000)

            The English Novel (esp. 19th Cent.)

            Nineteenth Century Literature (taught at UNT twice in 2000)


Research Interests

            Nineteenth‑ and early twentieth‑century fiction (particularly W. M. Thackeray and Joyce Cary)

            Nineteenth‑century publishing and book production history

            Theory and practice of textual criticism and scholarly editing

            Literary theory, communication theory

Computer Applications to Editing and Publishing

The Electronic Book

Computer Activities

Programs Developed: CASE (Computer Assisted Scholarly Editing) (1976-1986)

A package of eight programs integrating computer use in scholarly editing from research through typesetting.

List Founder and Owner: ESE (Electronic Scholarly Editions) 1994--1998, an Internet

discussion list devoted to electronic multi-media scholarly editions and archives.

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