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Books Authored

Scholarly Editing in the Computer Age  English Dept., RMC, U of New South Wales, 1984. Revised edition, U of Georgia Press, 1986.  Third, rev. ed., U. Michigan Press, 1996.

            Pegasus in Harness:  Victorian Publishing and W. M. Thackeray U Press of Virginia, 1992.

            Resisting Texts: Authority and Submission in Constructions of Meaning U Michigan Press,

            William Makepeace Thackeray: A Literary Life London: Palgrave, 2001

            From Gutenberg to Google: Electronic Representations of Literary Texts Cambridge
Press, 2006


Scholarly editions

The Works of W. M. Thackeray, General Editor. 
Michigan Press. A full‑scale scholarly edition developed on historical principles),
formerly published by Garland Publishers Inc.

                        Vanity Fair,  1989

                        Henry Esmond  (ed. by Edgar F. Harden),  1989

                        Pendennis, 1991

                        Flore et Zephyr, Yellowplush, and Major Gahagan, 1991

                        The Newcomes,  1996

                        Catherine (ed. by Sheldon Goldfarb, 1999)

                        Barry Lyndon (ed. by Edgar F. Harden, 1999)
                        The Book of Snobs and  Punch's Prize Novels (ed. by Edgar F. Harden, 2005)

                        English Humourists  (ed. E. Harden, 2008)

                        The Adventures of Philip (ed. Judith Law Fisher, 2009)


 Other Books Edited

Voice, Text, and Hypertext, co-edited with Riamonda Modiano and Leroy Searle (U
            Washington P, 2003)

            Thackeray Special Issue, Costerus II (1974), 359 pp.

            Poems by Howell H. Gwin, edited and introduced, 1988

            Norton Critical Edition of Vanity Fair (WWNorton, 1994)

           Anglo-American Textual Studies Reader, Co-Edited With Paul Eggert, and Kevin Caliendo
            published as a special issue of Ecdotica, an Italian and Spanish journal of textual studies
            (2010; dated 2009).



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       - "Scholarly Editing as a Cultural Enterprise" for Variants the journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship, 9, pp. 247-268.

Articles Accepted for Publication

        -"Some Functions of Textual Criticism " Text Technology, the journal of computer text processing (Canada)

- "A Slight Conflict of Aims: Scholarly vs Academic Editing" for a collection of essays edited by Darcy Cullen. U Toronto Press


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